Impact School Supplies


Impact School Supplies Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. When will my order be delivered?

A. Your school arranged dates for Orders and Deliveries, which appear on your Booklist or School Newsletter, with an Impact School Supplies Representative. Your order will be delivered within the window based on these dates. For example, if your order was placed by the Due Date you can expect delivery within the window specified. If your order is placed after the Due Date, Impact will make every effort to make delivery by the start of school classes but cannot be held to a specific date or time window due to the volume of orders.

Q. Why are there variations in the packing and handling fee?

A. The Back to School period is intensely busy. There are tight deadlines with suppliers and publishers, so to create an incentive to receive as many orders as early as possible, we have tiered packing and handling fees. The exact dates has been negotiated by your school with an Impact School Supplies representative once the final book list has been decided.

Q. I was short supplied item/s from my child's book list. What can I do?

A. Impact strive for the highest accuracy levels possible, however there will always be some errors in any system. Our system is verifiably 99.94% accurate but if you unfortunately receive an order with an error, please contact us and a representative will arrange for re-supply with our apologies.

Q. I mistakenly ordered a pack from the wrong class. What can I do?

A. If you have just placed your order, please email your confirmation number through our contact page explaining which pack you require. If there is a variation in the price of the new pack you require, a representative will be in contact to process the credit card reversal or charge to balance the difference. If you have already received your pack, please contact us and a representative will contact you to arrange resupply/charge.